Increase sales using your own customers.
Introducing Emerald, a social media-based rewards program.

Give your customers something to talk about.
It's no secret that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to get highly engaged visitors to your website. With Emerald, your customers are incentivized to share your content and products within their various social networks. With a few clicks, they can share directly from your website, and start earning rewards as they bring in traffic to your online store.
Get engaged traffic directly to your store.

When your customer signs up to your Emerald rewards program, they not only earn points for sharing your content and pages to their friends, family, and colleagues, but they also earn points as their posts bring in new visitors to your site. You simply provide rewards for their points, and watch as your referral traffic skyrockets.
Watch your sales grow.
With the Emerald Dashboard, you'll be able track a multitude of important metrics, like attributed revenue, visitors, top social media channels, and many others. With Emerald, you'll not only see an increase in your sales, but you'll be able to track exactly how it happened.